Day 19: Shane’s Future Days In December 2014, our friends urged us to create a foundation in Shane’s honor. We were still in the middle of our fight and it seemed like the furthest thing from our mind, but with their support and encouragement, Shane’s Future Days was established. Research and advocacy were the, Read More

Our 3rd annual Celebration of Life was a success, despite some difficulty from Mother Nature! We are incredibly proud to announce that we raised a little over $17,000 so far!!🎉🎉 There are many people to thank for helping make the day a success and for coming out and celebrating life and hope.🎗 Thank you, Read More

Shane is always on our minds, but today is just one of those days when he’s particularly prominent. This week we will be announcing the date for our Third Annual Celebration of Life! We’ve been working hard on securing amazing prizes once again! I wanted to share this video created by The Children’s Cancer, Read More