Day 2: IMAGINE ….🎗🎗🎗 Imagine taking a child to the hospital… Imagine being taken into a small room and being told it’s a tumour… Imagine holding a child down so needles can be inserted… Imagine watching a child being taken to theatre for surgery… Imagine holding a child screaming in pain, unable to do, Read More

The reality that summer is almost over is upon us. September is not just the start of the school year for us, but more importantly it’s our month to raise our voices even higher than normal about Childhood Cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year is our busiest yet. We are proud, Read More

Our 3rd annual Celebration of Life was a success, despite some difficulty from Mother Nature! We are incredibly proud to announce that we raised a little over $17,000 so far!!🎉🎉 There are many people to thank for helping make the day a success and for coming out and celebrating life and hope.🎗 Thank you, Read More

Making Childhood Cancer a National Priority Take a moment and read this powerful article written by Jonathan Agin. He is one of the strongest voices within the childhood cancer community. After losing his daughter to DIPG, he has made his life’s mission about advocacy for our children. childhood_cancer_noahs_ark_and_my_daughter_110094.html