How to answer the question, “How many kids do you have?” Seems simple right? You, just list them off. How do you answer that question when one is missing? They were physically here with you. Laughing, crying, a vital part of your family? Most of the times it’s strangers who ask. It doesn’t go, Read More

Day 17: The sibs speak out September. It’s a tough month for any kid. They go back to school after what seems like a brief moment of freedom. For Chase and Ella, it’s not just the start of a school year, but also childhood cancer awareness month AND their new brother’s birthday month. While, Read More

Day 16: It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit humid and unseasonable hot….more than I expected. I’ve been spending the days as busy as I can be. It helps take my mind off of wandering thoughts and nagging ones. This week, we will celebrate Will’s 1st birthday. It’s been an incredible year with, Read More

When your child has cancer, a lot of people make assumptions about you. -People assumed that Shane’s cancer was genetic. It wasn’t. -Some assumed that I did something, i.e the food I ate. Nope. We only eat organic fruits and vegetables and I’m pretty sure at the time, Paul was annoyed that I always, Read More

The weight of childhood cancer During the month of September, I try to post a little bit of our childhood cancer journey. Sometimes I slip up and get busy and other times, this month…the memories, our reality is just too overwhelming. I feel as though it’s our responsibility to take part in raising awareness, Read More

I try to ignore it. Brush it aside like my behavior and mood is because it’s back to school or because we were traveling or I’m trying to find our groove. Sounds good, right? But, I can’t deny it. My husband knows me better than anyone, well except for my mom. People assume that, Read More

We are incredibly thankful for our partnership with the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. As a parent, you feel helpless when your child is fighting for their life. While, our story did not end the way we wanted to, we are able to continue Shane’s fight and legacy through cc-tdi. The guidance and compassion, Read More

Today Chase and Ella went back to school for the 2018-2019 school year. It’s a mixed emotions type of day. Shane would have joined them both. Today was supposed to be HIS first day of Kindergarten. It hurts my heart to know there is a missing person who should be standing beside them, taking, Read More

Thank you to everyone who battled the winds and came out to Chase and Ella’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand! Ella’s outspoken poster advertising and Chase’s lemonade distribution led to them raising close to $600! Many thanks for another successful year raising awareness and research funds for childhood cancer.

Day 2: The Siblings Much in our family has changed since Shane took his last breathe on March 30, 2015. Our focus then and now has always been on Chase and Ella and now Will. To encourage them to look at the positive things in life. To let them know that bad things can, Read More