Day 29: September is almost over, but our fight for awareness, research and assistance doesn’t end when the month does. Thank you for reading our posts, liking our page, sharing our page and helping to spread the reality of childhood cancer. We don’t just do this to give meaning to Shane’s life, but for, Read More

Day 27: We present to you, a visual image of Shane’s tumor cells. We are grateful for our collaboration with The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. Tumor donation and its research is a fundamental part of understanding Shane’s type of cancer. Dr. Keller has said to me: “Tumor donations, particular the tumors that defy, Read More

Day 26: On Sunday morning, we learned of the tragic passing of Florida Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in a boating accident. Not only is Fernandez considered to be the best young pitcher in baseball, but he is known for his charitable giving within the pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma community. In 2013, Fernandez was named Rookie of, Read More

Day 25: Two years ago, we gathered by the Swann Fountain on the Ben Franklin Parkway surrounded by many family and friends. It was the CHOP Parkway Walk/Run benefiting the oncology unit. It was an amazing experience. Shane was doing well and we were so full of hope and determination. It was perfect and, Read More

Paul and I took the kids to the Phillies game tonight. This was the first time I was back to the Hall of Fame Club since Shane was there. He went twice. First time, he couldn’t walk yet, but the second he was strutting around the HOF club like he owned it! He loved, Read More

Our magic number for CHOP was 101.4. Once Shane was diagnosed and we had our “team cancer meeting,” they tell you you need to attend a cancer 101 course through the hospital. Whoever was going to be involved in Shane’s care was urged to attend. The most important topic of that meeting was the, Read More

I’ve been using September to raise awareness for childhood cancer, as it’s the “designated” month for childhood cancer. In reality, everyday is a day for awareness when you have gone through what we have. I look around the stores and besides seeing Halloween decorations out before school started, I’m now seeing Christmas themes. If, Read More

Day 13: Shane’s type: alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: Less than 10% in his age group